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Residential Income: Intelligent investment choices in any economic cycle. If you're looking to buy, sell or exchange your investment property we have expert investment professionals to guide you...

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NOTE TO INVESTORS: if you see an income property from the emails that you like , please understand that the most properties are not available to be seen immediately by prospective owners. The is due to the fact that a lot of properties are nearly 100% leased and the property owner does not want to disturb the tenants each time an inevstor makes an inquiry. Once an accepted offer has been reached then the buyer will have their inspection period to view the interior of the units. This is standard procedure as it accommodates everyone involved, therefore most offers are written with the "subject to inspection clause" so you are not locked into a property. If upon a physical inspection you see things about the property you do not like then you can simply withdraw your offer within the insepction contingency period. Experienced agents know how to draft offers that protect your interest.

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Note: Most Apartment Lenders 5+ units require 20-35% down payment subject to building DSC and/or borrower credit